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Apple Store  

Apple Continue to Please UK Consumers

Niamh Jones - 19/08/2014

Apple continue to top the charts with the highest Net Promoter Score out of all the UK household brands we have so far analysed. Scoring just over +60, on a scale from -100 to +100, it seems that Apple owners for the most part have become advocates to the brand. Philip, from Wallsend, said “Why […]

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Keyboard warriors  

Keyboard Warriors; Behind the Screen Bullies

Rebecca Jackson - 15/07/2014

We asked our panel how they felt about cyber bullying and why they think that it’s on the increase within adults. Most of the panel were in agreement that the increase in cyber bullying was down to the internet becoming more accessible, with it increasingly surrounding our daily lives. This has resulted in adults becoming […]

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Facebook social experiment  

Facebook’s Social Experiment Stirs Emotions Amongst UK Consumers

Niamh Jones - 08/07/2014

In recent news, it came to light that Facebook had been manipulating nearly 700,000 of their users. This social experiment altered which emotional expressions the users would be subjected to; half of the users would see more positive updates, whereas the other half would see more negative. Facebook then found that those subjected to less negative Facebook […]

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Googles Driverless car  

Are Driverless Cars the Future?

Niamh Jones - 03/06/2014

Last week, Google unveiled their driverless car – a car without steering, without peddles, and seemingly just a passenger car. We asked our panel of UK consumers what they thought of the concept of a driverless car, whether it is something they would consider driving or even purchasing in the future. “It’s always been the […]

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Samsung Home Appliances Consumer Opinion  

Samsung home appliances perceived well by consumers

Niamh Jones - 20/05/2014

Samsung have a huge product range when it comes to home appliances, although it was unsurprising that on the whole Samsung are most commonly associated with their stance in the mobile phone market. Andrew, from Alton, said “I think Samsung are leading the way in every field”. Samsung home appliances scored well in the Net […]

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Microsoft Acquire Nokia  

What should Microsoft’s acquisition mean for Nokia?

Niamh Jones - 06/05/2014

With Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Nokia we are left wondering whether the Microsoft blanket will be absorbing the Nokia brand, or whether they will be kept as two separate entities. We gathered the opinions of our panel of UK consumers, to see which outcome they preferred. Discover in this report some very interesting results we […]

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TNW Europe  

TNW Europe selects VoxPopMe for its Boost program

Dave Carruthers - 08/04/2014

We are very proud to announce The Next Web Europe has selected VoxPopMe to be part of it’s Boost program at the TNW Europe Conference held in Amsterdam at the end of April, co-hosted by WeTransfer. This is a really exciting opportunity for VoxPopMe, as we will be amongst some of the most influential minds of web, […]

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ovefilm vs amazon prime instant video  

LoveFilm Vs Amazon Prime Instant Video

Niamh Jones - 24/02/2014

This brand war is a little different to normal, as both brand names fall under the same roof that is Amazon – we asked our panel what they thought of the rebrand from LoveFilm to Amazon Prime Instant Video. The massive online community, Amazon, appears to be combining a few of their products into a […]

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facebook acquisition of whatsapp  

Will Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp change anything?

Niamh Jones - 20/02/2014

We surveyed our panel of UK consumers after news hit that Facebook were to purchase WhatsApp for a massive $19bn – Facebook’s largest acquisition to date. Initially the news induced fear into a number of our panel, who were surprised the app is to be acquired by Facebook and concerned of the changes that might […]

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