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Ice Bucket Challenge  

The Ice Bucket Challenge Craze

Niamh Jones - 26/08/2014

The Ice Bucket Challenge has flooded our news feeds over the past week; with our friends, Facebook friends(there’s a difference) and people we half know, being drenched with ice cold water. A hilarious thought. But when every other post on our social media is a new Ice Bucket Challenge video, we asked our panel whether […]

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The UK opinion of ‘the right to be forgotten’

Niamh Jones - 15/05/2014

An EU court ruling has taken a step towards giving people the “right to be forgotten”, forcing Google and other search engines to remove search results that are “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant” held about an individual. We received a number of mixed reviews from our panel. Although it seemed on the whole, the […]

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Clash of the giants: Virgin Vs BT  

Clash of the giants: Virgin Vs BT

Niamh Jones - 21/01/2014

We asked our panel of UK consumers which is the stronger brand, Virgin or BT, and which they would prefer as their internet and television provider. When it came to the brand, there was one clear winner…

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