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Aldi consumer opinion  

Consumer Confidence Grows In The Aldi Brand

Niamh Jones - 22/07/2014

Cheap. German. Quality. We asked our panel of UK consumers the first three words that come to mind when they think of the brand Aldi. According to a recent article from The Drum, Aldi are doing everything right in the eyes of the consumer – voted as the highest scoring supermarket in the YouGov brand […]

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Supermarket Sweep  

What makes a great supermarket?

Niamh Jones - 11/07/2014

This is an example campaign summary from VoxPopMe. We surveyed our panel of UK consumers, asking “what makes a great supermarket?”, discover in this campaign summary what supermarkets can do to increase their consumer’s in-store experience.  Through the voice of the customer we were able to discover key themes that contribute to a successful and enjoyable supermarket experience. […]

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Inside Fridge  

What’s Inside Your Fridge?

Niamh Jones - 05/06/2014

Being able to understand a consumer’s behavioural habits and psychographics has always been important when creating a product-market fit. Discovering consumers’ usage is extremely potent; how often they use your product and what environment they are in when they use your product or service, enables you to understand how to market your product to get the most out of […]

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Walls Ice Cream Advert  

Wall’s Ice Cream Say Goodbye to Serious

Niamh Jones - 22/05/2014

The most recent advertising campaign from Wall’s Ice cream has left a great lasting impression. “I really, really like the Wall’s ice cream advert, to the point where I actually laughed out loud”. This comical advert begins with quite a serious and boring situation – somewhat disconnected from ice cream. As the advert progresses, we […]

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Morrisons Baguette  

Morrisons use the Angel of the North as a billboard

Niamh Jones - 08/05/2014

Supermarket chain Morrisons has hit the headlines this week after beaming a baguette across the wings of the Angel of the North, but have they gone too far in the attempt to stand out in the extremely competitive supermarket industry? “When I first heard this story, all I really felt like doing was sighing.” – […]

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The Co-operative  

The current UK opinion of The Co-operative

Niamh Jones - 07/05/2014

Discover in this report the current UK consumer opinion of The Co-Operative brand, described by a number of the panel as a ‘top up shop’. A recent campaign with survey integration conducted by VoxPopMe revealed on the whole a positive Net Promoter Score for The Co-operative brand; scoring a +9.33 on the scale, the amount […]

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Banana Flavour Weetabix Advert Monkey  

Monkeying around with Weetabix

Niamh Jones - 02/05/2014

Watching 20 seconds of insight into the life of a 6 year old child fuelled by Weetabix is enough to deserve a sit down and a cup of tea. This short and snappy hyperactive advert shows instantly the lasting energy your child will receive from the new Banana flavour Weetabix. A cute advert that we […]

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Adventure Awaits with Lurpak  

Turn Cooking into an Adventure with Lurpak.

Niamh Jones - 16/04/2014

Tonight as we stand on the edge of possibility, we choose adventure. Tonight we choose Lurpak. After watching the advert, some of our panel were certainly inspired. Elliotte, from London, said “It’s 5.30 right now where I am, it’s about dinner time, I think I’m going to go and cook me some Lurpak!” Adventure requires the right […]

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Waitrose Boy and The Carrot 2014  

Waitrose: The Boy and The Carrot

Niamh Jones - 10/04/2014

A visually pleasing advert from Waitrose tells the story of a boy’s first attempt at gardening and making his own food. Although the advert goes on for 90 seconds, it tells a nice story that you can’t help but smile at. The message is clear, everyone that works at Waitrose owns Waitrose. But what does […]

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Brand Review - Birdseye  

Birds Eye Brand Relaunch

Niamh Jones - 05/03/2014

Prior to Birds Eye’s brand relaunch campaign, we asked our panel of UK consumers their current opinion of the brand; what they thought Birds Eye were doing well, and where they need to improve their offering. On the whole the Birds Eye brand was perceived positively by our panel, although a number of the panel […]

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