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About Digsite

Digsiteā€™s iterative, consumer insights platform lets you quickly bring together the targeted consumers you need into an on-demand community. You can engage with your audience, using discussions, surveys, whiteboards, voting, images, video and more. Digsite communities are agile, allowing you to learn from your participants, adjust your activities or input based on that learning, and go back to them with smarter questions. Use Digsite Sprints to optimize product concepts, refine your messaging, understand consumer preferences and much more.

Benefits of Digsite & Voxpopme

The integration of Voxpopme and Digsite allows customers to incorporate video feedback and analysis into their Digsite Sprint communities, getting informative and actionable video insights in as little as 24 hours. Brands can micro-target and recruit participants through Digsite SocialFind Recruiting, collect and share Voxpopme video showreels to complement Digsite qualitative research, and download Digsite SmartReports with combined findings. The result is a fast and agile 360-degree view of consumer needs that better informs marketing, customer experience, and innovation teams.

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