Looking to incorporate video feedback into your entire research program?

Our growing strategic partner network offers video insight fully integrated across a variety of research methodologies using Voxpopme’s video feedback platform. Get in touch with our partners today to power your research and VoC programs all while seeing the people behind the data.

CXM and Insights Platform

About Alida

Alida believes in a world where customers are the ultimate source of truth. A world where the best business decisions are those made with customers, not for them. That’s why Alida created the world’s first CXM and insights platform to turn customer truth into action. For over 20 years, iconic brands like BuzzFeed, LinkedIn, and Red Bull have chosen Alida, formerly Vision Critical, as their secret weapon. Alida’s unique approach of coupling broad feedback with deep insights creates meaningful and lasting customer relationships and builds brands that stand the test of time.

Benefits of Alida & Voxpopme

Voxpopme’s video survey software integration into Alida’s CXM and insights platform will enable Alida customers to conduct video-based surveys in minutes. As a result, brands worldwide will harness customer-recorded videos as a source of truth that creates understanding, empathy, and connection with customers. In addition, Voxpopme’s analytics and editing tools will help Alida customers quickly uncover insights that brands can use to elevate the customer experience. Videos can be captured and transcribed in multiple languages, transforming how brands listen to customers across global markets.

Leading Data Collection Firm in Canada

About AskingCanadians

AskingCanadians, a Delvinia company, is an online data collection firm with access to more than one million Canadians. AskingCanadians is dedicated to enabling market researchers to quickly gather and deliver high-quality information from Canadian consumers. Their core service offerings include survey programming and hosting, online tools for testing rich media creative, one-on-one interviewing, custom recruitment and online panel management.

Benefits of AskingCanadians & Voxpopme

Voxpopme video insight is now available in Canada! AskingCanadians customers can now purchase a Voxpopme subscription and add rich, agile video insights to their quantitative research in Canada. Add depth, context, and customer closeness to bring your research to life and engage stakeholders.

The Largest Brand Equity Assessment Platform in the World

About BERA Brand Management

BERA (Brand Equity Relationship Assessment) provides a turnkey solution for improving your organization’s ability to maximize brand performance and value. BERA bridges the gap between marketing and finance, linking financial KPIs to changes in product, pricing, communications, distribution and service. BERA Brand Management is a global strategic consultancy that offers a range of professional services to help you get the most from your brand valuation.

Benefits of BERA & Voxpopme

Voxpopme’s market-leading video capture and analytics platform helps brands see the people behind the data, driving customer-centric business decisions through video research. Users can identify key themes in consumers’ feedback, supplementing the data narratives that unfold within BERA’s Brand Accelerator cloud-based application.

The integration of Voxpopme makes available the power of video storytelling, combining high-resolution, census-matched brand perceptions with visual insights, giving voice to metrics and measures, and revealing the personal stories known to drive meaningful change within organizations.

Smarter, Faster Qualitative Research

About Digsite

Digsite’s iterative, consumer insights platform lets you quickly bring together the targeted consumers you need into an on-demand community. You can engage with your audience, using discussions, surveys, whiteboards, voting, images, video and more. Digsite communities are agile, allowing you to learn from your participants, adjust your activities or input based on that learning, and go back to them with smarter questions. Use Digsite Sprints to optimize product concepts, refine your messaging, understand consumer preferences and much more.

Benefits of Digsite & Voxpopme

The integration of Voxpopme and Digsite allows customers to incorporate video feedback and analysis into their Digsite Sprint communities, getting informative and actionable video insights in as little as 24 hours. Brands can micro-target and recruit participants through Digsite SocialFind Recruiting, collect and share Voxpopme video showreels to complement Digsite qualitative research, and download Digsite SmartReports with combined findings. The result is a fast and agile 360-degree view of consumer needs that better informs marketing, customer experience, and innovation teams.

Continuous Research through Custom Communities

About Fuel Cycle

Fuel Cycle is a mobile-first market research and community intelligence platform for supercharging the relationship between brands and customers. From discussion boards and live chats to gamification and rewards management, Fuel Cycle offers an easily customizable and robust solution for brands and businesses to build high-impact online experiences for their customers.

Benefits of Fuel Cycle & Voxpopme

Obtain the true customer voice from your community with Voxpopme integrated into Fuel Cycle’s Continuous Research offering. Fuel Cycle has seen a 700% spike in the volume of videos and images uploaded into their communities platform over the last four years. Voxpopme’s end-to-end, agile video insight platform offers Fuel Cycle’s clients the ability to capture, analyze, and share that video content at scale, making working with video fast and easy.  Plus, benefit from Fuel Cycle Live, a moderated agile qualitative solution, powered by Voxpopme analytics.

Agile, Automated Market Research

About GutCheck

GutCheck is a global, online, agile market research solution that enables you to get quick consumer reads to address business questions, whenever they need to be answered. Whether it’s scheduled research or an un-planned question, their flexible quantitative and qualitative platform offers the ability to instantly recruit target audiences. GutCheck’s full-service team designs and moderates the discussion to give you the insights and confidence you need to react and move your business forward.

Benefits of GutCheck & Voxpopme

GutCheck offers agile video insight to add depth, context, and customer closeness to bring your online quantitative and qualitative research to life and engage stakeholders. Voxpopme’s end-to-end, agile video insight platform offers GutCheck’s clients the ability to capture, analyze, and share video content at scale, making working with video fast and easy.

Customer Experience Intelligence

About InMoment

InMoment™, the leader in customer experience (CX) intelligence, arms enterprises with compelling insights to fuel high-value action and relationships with both customers and employees. The company’s industry-leading Customer Feedback Management platform, the CX Intelligence Cloud™, leverages a proprietary, AI-based analytics engine to power a full suite of Voice of Customer (VoC), Voice of Employee (VoE) and Employee Experience technologies. InMoment provides innovative solutions and related support services to more than 400 leading brands across 95 countries.

Benefits of InMoment & Voxpopme

Inmoment offers the ability to see the stories behind your CX scores with Voxpopme’s agile video insight platform. Reveal the “why” behind customer data with rich customer stories alongside your existing CX program with Inmoment. Get beyond scores, deepen your customer understanding and engage your entire organization.

“Big Qual” Solutions

About Invoke

Invoke’s patented large-scale online research events generate more meaningful insights. You don’t have to accept lackluster findings and bloated timelines. Invoke combines qualitative insights with quantitative data — faster and more economically than ever before.

Their expert researchers sit with you and your colleagues and conduct up to 350 qualitative interviews in a single LIVE event. By participating in the research as it unfolds in real-time, you’ll quickly understand what consumers do, how they feel, and why. Invoke gives you the confidence to make smart business decisions — on time and within budget.

Benefits of Invoke & Voxpopme

Invoke now offers agile video insight to add depth, context, and customer closeness to bring your ‘Big Qual’ engagements to life and engage stakeholders. Voxpopme’s end-to-end, agile video insight platform offers Invoke the ability to capture, analyze, and share video content with clients at scale, offering even deeper insights than before, in-the-moment.

Full Service Market Research Agency

About Kantar

Kantar is home to some of the world’s leading research, data and insights expertise. Collectively, their 30,000 employees offer the most complete view of consumers – the way they think, feel, shop, share, vote and view – in over a hundred countries worldwide. Their strength lies in the unrivalled diversity of their people, methodologies, specialisms and points of view that seamlessly fuse to give a unique and complete understanding of people, across the world.

Benefits of Kantar & Voxpopme

Easily incorporate Voxpopme video insights into all your Kantar studies. Whether you want to embed a video question into a quantitative study, or conduct a complete agile qualitative video study, our partnership with Kantar offers endless possibilities. Truly understand the “why” behind your quantitative data, or ask about our dedicated Spotlight offering for rich feedback on concept and innovation testing using a templated and repeatable approach. Power your decisions with consumer emotion through Kantar and Voxpopme’s dedicated offerings.

Search & Data Visualization for your Research

About KnowledgeHound

KnowledgeHound allows customers to transform their data into decisions, through smart data discovery and visual analytics. Easily dive deeper into your data, revealing connections and insights that your company needs to make important decisions on now, creating a more agile, customer-driven organization. With all your research data in one place, KnowledgeHound helps illuminate new insights and hidden trends you never thought to look for. The more research studies you add to KnowledgeHound, the more powerful your data becomes.

Benefits of KnowledgeHound & Voxpopme

KnowledgeHound makes it incredibly easy to organize and explore all your research data in one place. Instantly import data from your Voxpopme studies via our API integration to eliminate silos and help anyone find the insights and answers they need from your all customer insights data. Easily visualize your video insights along all other studies in your research program, and socialize with key stakeholders to tell impactful consumer stories.

Research You Need, The Way You Need It

About Methodify

Methodify offers a research technology platform that makes it easier and faster for companies to access consumer insights at every phase of the product development and marketing processes. It’s the answer to the age-old brand question: How can we make better business decisions? If a company has a marketing challenge, we have an answer on how to research it. It’s that simple.

Benefits of Methodify & Voxpopme

Voxpopme is now available within Methodify’s automation platform. This allows our customers to add rich qualitative insights in-the-moment to their agile research solutions. Voxpopme’s end-to-end video insight platform offers Methodify clients the ability to capture, analyze, and share video content at scale, making working with video fast and easy. Add depth, context, and customer closeness to bring your research to life and engage stakeholders.

System1 Nonconscious Measurement

About Protobrand

Protobrand is a technology-powered market research and branding consultancy committed to advancing how the world uncovers human truths. Through their proprietary survey software, Meta4 Insight®, Protobrand rejuvenates traditional quantitative research with deep-seated System 1 insights. They work with leading global brands across industries to uncover decisive insights that propel brands to unparalleled success.

Benefits of Protobrand & Voxpopme

Video based System 1 open response questions are able to elicit 6x the length and 65% more emotional activations than traditional open end questions. These questions types bring the consumer to life by including video artifacts with the standard voice to text output. Validated by consumers as easy to complete and seen as being a more pleasant survey experience, these video based question types are a perfect channel to leverage visual metaphor elicitation to yield deeper level emotional responses. Visual metaphor elicitation is rooted in the fact that much of our decision making is left to our non-conscious mind, something that is often hard to tap into in research, however, this technique grants the access to that true emotional feeling and intent.

Survey & Experience Management Software

About Qualtrics

Qualtrics makes sophisticated research simple and empowers users to capture customer, product, brand & employee experience insights in one place.

Qualtrics is the platform that the world’s most iconic companies use to close experience gaps and deliver breakthrough results. The XM Platform makes it simple for any organization to collect, understand, and take action on experience data (X-data)—the beliefs, emotions, and sentiments of customers and employees.

Benefits of Qualtrics & Voxpopme

Amplify your Qualtrics studies with agile qualitative video insight. For the first time, you can now conduct an end-to-end agile qualitative study within Qualtrics, through the dedicated Voxpopme XM solution. Want to get more out of your quantitative surveys?  You can also embed Voxpopme video capture into your Qualtrics studies for hybrid research.

With quantitative and qualitative now available in one platform, you can truly understand the “why” behind your Qualtrics research with Voxpopme video insight.

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Services

About Schlesinger Group

Established in 1966, Schlesinger Group is a leading international data collection company offering a broad range of qualitative and quantitative solutions worldwide and delivering high-quality recruitment and research services for any methodology. Schlesinger Group has research offices in the US, UK, France, Spain and Germany.

Benefits of Schlesinger & Voxpopme

With Schlesinger’s OnDemand Plus offering, recordings of clients’ in-person qualitative sessions can be added directly to the Voxpopme platform for access within just one hour, then fast agile analysis and easy sharing with just a few clicks. Easily create a shareable showreel to summarize your findings for stakeholders. Achieve fast, precise and agile video data analysis so you can focus on delivering compelling insights. Revisit video and analytics for up to 2 years, creating time and cost efficiencies.

Automated, Self-service Research Platform

About Zappi

Zappi delivers insight through automation. By automating manual processes behind market research, we enable clients and agencies to capitalize on the cost and time efficiencies technology unlocks. We aim for these efficiencies to empower consumer insight by bringing it in the business decision process early and often.

Benefits of Zappi & Voxpopme

Voxpopme is now available within the Zappi products in their creative and innovation suites. This allows our customers to gain rich qualitative insights when moving through the product or advertising life cycle. Voxpopme’s end-to-end, agile video insight platform offers Zappistore clients the ability to capture, analyze, and share video content at scale, making working with video fast and easy. Add depth, context, and customer closeness to bring your research to life and engage stakeholders.

See the people behind your data and get closer to your customers than ever before with voxpopme