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Brainstorming & ideation to create the Voxpopme technology and brand

Thursday nights after the working day became brainstorm and pizza night for over a year for a small team of dedicated people… Voxpopme was born!

Image 2012

Voxpopme Founded!

The company named originated from Vox populi (/ˌvɒks ˈpɒpjuːli, -laɪ/ VOKS POP-yoo-lee, -⁠lye), a latin phrase meaning “voice of the people”.

Voxpopme was launched with the OnDemand Community App for instant access to the voice of the people, and a revolutionary analytics platform to analyze qual data at quant scale for the first time.

Image 2013

Video infiltrates quantitative research

Video can now be captured within any quantitative survey with Voxpopme’s platform-agnostic video capture widget.

Image 2014

Video analytics evolve and move across the pond

Analyzing video feedback is now easier than ever before with the launch of Theme Explorer, allowing researchers to quickly and easily dive into key findings.  It was also during this year that Voxpopme expanded into the US market.

Image 2015

Look out!  Voxpopme is on the rise…

Along with growth in product development, like the launch of the Voxpopme Moments App for in-the-moment Video Diary Studies, 2016 was a year of recognition for Voxpopme:

Debut on the GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative list at #43. Won Accenture Consumer Innovation Award

Image 2016

Growth, accelerated

The official launch of the integrated API partnerships practice now offers customers the opportunity to incorporate video into other agile research tech platforms for even deeper insight. Voxpopme also secured a seven-figure Series A investment from Mercia Fund Managers to support its global expansion.

Image 2017

Customer Experience gets a taste of video feedback

The launch of Voxpopme’s dedicated VideoCX solution caters to customer experience professionals, looking to take their Voice of the Customer programs to the next level.

Image 2018

Can’t stop, won’t stop

2019 was a pivotal year for Voxpopme, experiencing rapid growth and amazing development in our technology.

Image 2019

Stronger together

2020 was a challenging year for all of us, but through forced distance we grew closer and stronger.  Thank you to our customers, partners, and team for being such rockstars!

Oh yea, and we were ranked #1 in Qual in the 2020 GRIT Report!

# 1
Image 2020

Full steam ahead

Video is inescapable, and we’re making it easier and more powerful every day for brands to make key decisions.  Our engineers have had an incredible year, launching our Zoom integration, emotion coding, and Augmented Reality product testing.

… and we were ranked #1 in Qual for the second year in a row

# 1
Image 2021

Growing never ends…

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Video is an inescapable medium, permeating through our personal and professional lives as the preferred method for connecting and communicating with each other.

Today, more than ever, consumers are creating and sharing video feedback via social media and other channels, influencing brand perception and purchase intent of other consumers.

Now we’ve given them a platform to truly influence brand decisions.

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