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How to Boost Your VoC Programme

One of the challenges VoC and CX researchers face is delivering customer stories that result in business change. This could be down to several factors, such as the status quo of traditional surveys or the changing dynamics of modern customer communications.

To use customer insight to drive strategic action, researchers need to tell a compelling customer story. To do so, they can use an array of methods which best fit their research goals.

Boost your VoC programme with our 3 E's  

Embrace Omnichannel

Businesses are now privileged with easier, more instant access to their customers. And from a customer's perspective, omnichannel allows for a more convenient way to voice their opinions and communicate with their favourite brands.

According to the Autonomous Customer 2015 Report conducted by BT and Avaya, consumers are now using more channels and more devices to communicate with brands than ever before.

Some of the benefits of providing an omnichannel experience include:
- A smoother customer journey
- Reductions in buyer dropout
- Improved engagement

The exponential growth in technological capabilities, as well as the rising number of engaged users, has opened opportunities for new and improved multichannel access to customers. However, one challenge of creating an omnichannel consumer experience is the significant increase in complexity when managing and maintaining these channels.

Explore Digital Ethnography

Ethnography is one of the most effective methods of VoC study, because of its ability to reveal both new and existing needs as well as consumer behaviour insights.

The clear benefit of this approach leads us to predict that this could become an industry favourite should it be implemented efficiently into VoC programmes.

Mobile ethnographic research is a particularly exciting prospect and has the potential to become the next big thing in the MRX and VoC industries. This is because it will allow brands to:

- Conduct video research without being physically present, saving both on labour cost and time.
- Reach communities and panel members in an instant.
- Remove other limitations linked to traditional ethnographic methodologies.

Enhance Your Surveys Using Open-Ended Video Responses

Open-ended video is yet another method which is on the rise, thanks to the evolution of enabling technologies. This approach allows researchers to add an emotional element to help tell the consumer survey stories in both comprehensive and concise ways.

A recent study by SSI revealed that adding video to VoC programmes can supercharge results. With video added to surveys, companies get six times more content than open-ended text responses.

Video has been referred to as a ‘real-time sequential medium’, as users can experience raw emotion directly from their customers. Whether it be songs of praise or groans of despair, companies gain real-time emotional feedback that can be used to drive action in the boardroom and make an impact.

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