We've taken the pain out of video

With Voxpopme you can capture and understand hundreds or even thousands of videos in minutes, not days.








Add lightening fast video capture to your survey

Voxpopme’s video capture works across mobile, tablet and laptop or desktop devices without the need for additional plugins or mobile app installs. Video capture can be added into any existing survey platform in less than a minute, or even used as a standalone video capture solution.

Replace traditional open end text box responses with Voxpopme’s video capture and benefit from 6x more content and 65% more themes, providing a better understanding and greater impact.  So whether you are looking to add video capture into your customer feedback surveys, community platform or anywhere else, Voxpopme can enhance your projects.

Need instant video feedback in less than an hour? We’ve got you covered.

The Voxpopme app offers direct access to our OnDemand communities in the UK and US. Push our community micro survey and video projects to capture hundreds of videos with full analysis in less than 60 minutes – perfect for those fire drill campaigns where time is critical… find out more here.


See just how fast, scalable and simple video can be.

Let our powerful analytics engine do the heavy lifting for you, with all responses rapidly analyzed to provide key insights at scale and within minutes.


Lightning quick technology, so videos are transcribed just minutes after a response is recorded. Word clouds are then created to reveal key phrases.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis determines the attitude of respondents, creating a sortable and searchable picture of how users answered your question. Text analysis identifies whether a response is positive, negative or neutral and breaks results down by age and gender.

Theme Explorer

Theme Explorer is here to help you consume video at scale. Organise your content into key topics to find your best video snippets, with easily accessed time-coded transcripts and advanced thematic analysis.

Advanced Search & Filter

Transcriptions make your responses instantly searchable. Explore all of your results and reach key insights quickly using our advanced filtering options. Custom tags can also be added to individual videos, allowing other similar responses to be collated.

Quality Assurance

Don’t worry - all your video responses go through a series of quality checks to ensure you can see and hear respondents clearly, and that their videos are suitable for presenting in the boardroom.


Share insights with much greater impact.

When it comes to sharing your results, nothing compares with the power of video to grab the attention of key stakeholders and drive action from your insights.

Our simple tools let you share impactful content in just a couple of clicks.  Produce edited showreels of key findings with our showreel builder to bring your customers directly into the boardroom.

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