What Makes a Great Video Response?

If you’re involved in research, then you most likely know the answer to this.

Of course, there will be variations to some of the answers, and that’s great, but why? Because these variations are essentially opinions! And opinions, no matter how divided, are an essential component of the market research industry.

As researchers, we all ask consumers for their opinions, but we also all have our own views on which methodology is most effective for gaining this insight.

In an increasingly consumer-centric world, consumer opinions have never been so paramount. And recently, video has been gathering serious pace within the industry thanks to its ability to extract key insight and reveal customer stories in self-recorded videos.

Consumer video responses (to video open-ends) are experiencing something of a snowball effect as many respondents have recently declared their love for this method for its ease, and most importantly its ability to portray their emotion.

So, what makes a great video response?

Wait, before you answer that, we decided to ask consumers themselves. After all, it’s their opinion that matters.

Lights, Camera… Insight!

So, as you can see, consumers have a clear idea of what makes a great response. Unsurprisingly, this aligns with what researchers eagerly seek; honest, concise, and informative opinions that portray exactly how they (customers) feel.

Video continues to make huge strides in the market research industry for a number of reasons; Video allows the consumer to portray their emotion, and as we all know emotion drives action.

Also, thanks to new, powerful video research technology, you can now:

  • Add video open-ends to any survey.
  • Analyze self-recorded video responses at scale.
  • Share customer stories with ease.

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