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Voxpopme raises $1.5 million to become standard video solution for research industry  

What Quantitative Research Could Be Telling You.

Niamh Jones - 15/12/2015

Quantitative research is a fantastic tool. A tool that has enabled generations of market researchers to ask consumers easy-to-answer questions, yielding the core understanding of trends, behaviours and opinions in the market. The bare facts and figures that we, as organisations, base our decisions upon. Quantitative research provides your Net Promoter Score, giving an indication […]

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Should Britain join the US, France and Russia in bombing ISIS?

Niamh Jones - 02/12/2015

Today there will be a vote in the House of Commons as to whether Britain will endorse airstrikes in Syria, targeting Isis. We asked our Voxpopme community how they would be voting if they were in the House of Commons today. It looks like overall our community do not support the proposed airstrikes. Take a […]

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9 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Customer Experience

Rebecca Jackson - 24/11/2015

Here at Voxpopme we love Twitter and we’re guessing that you do too. To help you navigate through the sea of characters and hashtags we’ve picked out 9 of the CX big dogs who we feel deserve a follow because they offer tons of CX wisdom. Josie Javier Garde  @jose_garde Klout: 79 Josie Garde is […]

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9 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Market Research

Tom Higgins - 03/11/2015

We get it, you love Twitter and care about the industry you’re in too. So what happens when the two collide? You get a great platform to debate, engage with, and influence all things Market Research. But whom should you listen too in this cacophony of characters? To help you navigate the unchartered waters of […]

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Star Wars returns – The Force Awakens

Rebecca Jackson - 23/10/2015

At Voxpopme we recently asked our customer community their opinion on the latest Star Wars trailer. Going beyond the statistics we present visual and emotive research that is humanised. We believe data visualisation is stronger than statistics and open ended responses This week the long awaited trailer for the latest Star Wars film Episode VII – The Force Awakens […]

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Video Opinion: Changes to US Gun Laws

Rebecca Jackson - 06/10/2015

At Voxpopme, we capture video content from customer communities. We believe data visualisation is stronger than statistics and open ended responses. We recently asked our customer community their opinion on the US gun laws. Going beyond the statistic, that 54% of those surveyed did not want American gun laws to change, we present visual and […]

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Video Market Research – The 20% Sugar Tax

Rebecca Jackson - 10/09/2015

Voxpopme provides the ability to capture the qualitative element to your brand tracker, segmentation study and market research. With our own customer community, brands and agencies are able to target their own customer community or use ours. We recently asked our customer community their opinion, through video, of the tax on sugar. Doctors and health […]

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Ashley Madison – Do online cheaters deserve privacy from their discretions?

Rebecca Jackson - 27/07/2015

Ashley Madison, the controversial website that caters to adulterers was hacked last week. With hackers threatening to release the details of the 70 million worldwide users we asked our panel if they thought the cheaters should be exposed or do they deserve the same discretion as everyone else?   Entitled to privacy  The panel was […]

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Heathrow’s Third Runway

Rebecca Jackson - 16/07/2015

It was announced earlier this week that Heathrow Airport has been chosen for expansion, with plans in place to build a new 3rd runway. We asked our panel to watch a video from the CEO of Heathrow responding to the Airports Commission recommendation for Heathrow expansion and to voice their views on whether they thought […]

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