Concept Testing

Test, refine and deliver remarkable concepts

Present concepts, ideas, or casting options for ads, trailers, and more to your target audience to obtain real, human feedback in minutes. With instant video capture and automated analysis, you can guide the creative lifecycle as it unfolds and shape ideas into remarkable concepts.

Concept Testing

Concept Testing, in a Nutshell

When it comes to product development or creating adverts, it’s important to obtain real human feedback. By presenting concepts, ideas, or casting options for ads, trailers and more to your target audience, you can use real human feedback to guide the direction of your development process. But how do you do this at speed and at scale?

Why Video?

Video feedback enables you to efficiently analyze your feedback so you can quickly make informed decisions. By obtaining deep qualitative feedback at all stages of the creative life cycle, you can generate creative content that really resonates with your target audience and hits the right spot, every time.

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