Three reasons why the customer experience is broken and how it can be fixed

Caring about customer experience (CX) benefits your customers and creates business success. Simply put, customers are, in part, what enables you to achieve your business goals.

Knowing what your customers want not only gives you fresh and first-hand feedback to improve your offering, but gives you a competitive upper-hand. People’s wants, needs and tastes are constantly changing, unexpectedly. If you want to survive among your competitors, you need to know what it is that your target market wants!

Although the above mentioned facts could be seen as fairly logical, many companies find it difficult to identify their customers’ needs. The right tool set may not be in place, with organisations often opting for former research techniques.


  1. You are not sure what your customers are saying about your business. 


Feedback from just a few loyal customers will provide somewhat biased information, which is great in understanding your advocates, but in practical terms this may not help to improve weaker areas of your business. It is essential that the broader market is listened to in order to have a real view of the current environment.


  1. You may be only using old techniques to understand your customers. 


Where written surveys, phone calls, focus groups and observations are great, and still relevant – with the increase in available technology, there are now more engaging ways to connect with your consumers and support your current research. Get creative! Gathering quality information, that can offer actionable insights.  


  1. You’re not meeting expectations 


To meet your customers expectations, you need to first understand what your customers expect. This means you are not fulfilling market needs, which should be the reason of existence for every organisation.  


How to fix it?

Put your customers first. You must listen to them. Create a stronger relationship with your customer and different opinions will surface providing deeper understanding.

Being aware of new techniques to capture customer feedback and market research is essential. Strengthen the connection between you and your customer. Old techniques can make your customers walk away. In this digital age, consumers are constantly seeking change and new experiences.

When you implement new techniques to understand your customer, you are giving taking the first step to improve that relationship. One of the most effective techniques to understand your customer is through video, provoking an honest and emotive response. Using this new technique in the market will make it easy for you to analyze results and deliver and better strategy to improve your business.
When improving the customer experience, it is important to meet the expectations of your customer. Using new techniques, listening and watching your customer will enable you to meet expectations. Why is it important to meet the expectations? Their opinion is something important to you,  transforming their thoughts into reality can create business success.