Computer brands – which do you own?

Voxpopme provides data visualisation of quantitative research. Brand trackers, Net Promoter Scores and CSAT surveys can now be brought to life through the use of video. We recently conducted a video market research study with our customer community discovering their opinion on different computer brands available in the market.

Our market research found that it seemed to come down to Apple vs every other brand for our customer community, so first lets look at the “why” through the use of video content, and understand what makes customers so loyal to the Apple brand.

“We like Apple because their products are absolutely stunning and have really good usability, they are easy for the kids to use.” (Katt, 33, Chester)

“I think the Apple brand is brilliant and I don’t think there is anything better, it’s just a fantastic computer.” (Jo, 45, Orpington)

Apple seemed to be popular choices due to their sleek design and very useable IOS system. Many of our customer community commented that they liked all their devices to be able to be synced together and Apple made it easy for this to happen.

“My computer choice is Apple because I like all Apple products and they can sink with each other easily and the interface is very universal across all apple devices and very easy to use and very modern.” (Jamie, 26, Cambridge)

“I currently use all Apple brands, my entire work base and household is Apple products and I like how everything can interconnect with each other, I find it very handy.” (Yasmin, 23, Manchester)

Some choose to use Apple as it others advanced features and programmes that are ideal for editing pictures, film and music. It was it also popular due to its good engineering and reputation.

“I use Apple mac and have done for about 10 years now, the reason I started using mac instead of a PC is because I do music and it’s the best way to use a mac because they have good programmes.” (Charlotte, 35, Lancaster)

“I was doing film & tv production so the mac was better for movie editing and using photos. I did try two years before a sony but it wasn’t good enough.” (Ian, 35, Wigan)

“I chose an Apple macbook pro because I find it less problematic than the windows laptop that I’ve got and I wouldn’t change to another brand.” (Barry, 48, Llanelli)

“We are very keen on Apple around here, we all have ipads and macs, what do I like about it, I just know how to use it and it’s what I’m comfortable with, it’s pretty efficient.” (Christine, 50, Crewe)

Other brands that proved popular with the panel included HP, Dell and asus.

“I’ve just bought a HP laptop. I did a lot of research and from the laptops I could afford that was supposed to be one of the best brands and I have had a HP before and I had no problems with it.” (Sophie, 25, Leicester)

“Dell computers are always really initiative and really user friendly and easy to navigate.”   (Adele, 29, Liverpool)

“The reason I prefer HP to other computer brands is they have the best processor for graphics and gaming which I do a lot of so the laptop suits my needs.” (Conor, 20, Thorton-Cleveleys)

These users had windows computers but expressed an interest in wanting an Apple, however were put off by their high price tag.

“The reason I chose asus was because it was cheap and did everything I needed it to do, I am considering an Apple mac but they are so expensive.” (Fed, 19, Harrogate)

“My laptop is just an asus brand, I got it at the time because it was cheap and I need a laptop for work and it does the job. If I had the money I’d like an Apple laptop, I think they are just a better brand.” (Chloe, 25, Staines)

Overall Apple was by far the preferred computer brand however due to its high prices many were priced out and decided to go with other cheaper brands.

Have you considered the voice of your customer? Bring customers to life within your company. Video is now easier than ever to integrate into your quantitative research, truly understanding your customers’ experience. We have consistently found that video responses provide 5 – 6x more content in terms of character count, cover a greater number of topics and give double the depth of explanation on any given topic. Whilst this evidence certainly strengthens the case for video as a research method, video offers researchers 1 key thing, which text-based surveys cannot – emotion. This emotion can be can be used to deliver actionable insights for stakeholders.