Coca-Cola Milk – Fairlife

Coca-Cola have released their own brand of milk. The new Fairlife milk will cost more than twice as much as regular milk – but the company reckons consumers will pay more for it as it will contain 50% more protein and half the sugar of normal milk.

Since this milk is only available in the US, we asked our American panel if they would be interested in this new premium milk.

Overall, purchase consideration was low. These users were not interested in purchasing the premium milk for a number of reasons listed below.


Lack of trust in the Coca-Cola brand

People seemed to express a problem with the Coca-Cola brand branching into the dairy sector. Many commented on the lack of trust they had in the Coca-Cola brand to produce something healthy and nutritious, as they were accustomed to them producing unhealthy, sugary drinks.

“The fact that it’s from Coke means that I trust it less. I’m used to buying things like soda from the company, not milk and dairy products isn’t what I want to mix with the company I buy soda from.” (Raveena, 19, Nutly)

“I do not think of healthy when I think of Coca-Cola.” (Jessica, 33, Yorktown)

“I would never buy milk from Coke because first of all Coke is not a healthy company, when I think of milk I think of something healthy…and of course Coke will come out with a great branding strategy for it because they have a lot of money.” (Allison, 21, Columbia)


High priced

Another reason for not buying Fairlife milk was due to it’s price being double that of normal milk, with people finding it hard to justify the high price.

“In my opinion it’s definitely too much money when I can get the same product for a cheaper price.” (Tina, 31, Glen Burnie)

“I think that it would be wonderful to try something like that with less sugar but the cost of it I don’t think that I would really be interested in getting that kind of milk.” (Amy, 37, Canton)

“It just seems like a gimmick that’s unhealthy and costs more money. I don’t think people are going to waste their time or their money drinking something that supposedly has less sugar in it.” (Kimberly, 37, Fontana)


Messing with nature

The fact that Coca-Cola will have enhanced and made changes to natural milk was a turn-off. Some of the panel felt that milk should be left natural and as it already is. They felt that to add more protein, Coca-Cola would have to mess and add things into milk that was already healthy and perfectly good. Some felt that Coca-Cola were trying to make out that ordinary milk was no longer healthy and good enough in order to create a market for this premium milk.

“I just think we are going really really far these days with this engineered food. I don’t think we need all of this stuff, why do we need an increased amount of protein in our milk? There aren’t too many people out here who are protein deficient.” (Alicia, 27, Washington)

“Finding out they would do more to milk to make it premium, I don’t want anything adding to it. If i’m going to drink it at least give me something that is as close as I can get from a cow.” (Loretta, 32, York)


Would try Fairlife

However, some of the panel were interested to try this new milk product, given its more protein and less sugar.

“I’d be interested in trying it based on the health benefits that it provides but if it was significantly more expensive then I don’t think I’d see myself buying it regularly.” (Kathryn, 23, Columbia)

“There’s more protein in it, less sugar, it’s great for people trying to work out.” (Nicholas, 25, New Richmond)

“Honestly speaking if there was a product that was more protein less sugar and it cost more than normal milk I would buy it. It sounds like a very good deal but the fact that it’s from Coke makes me not want to trust it more, only because I’m used to buying things like Soda from the company not milk and dairy products.” (Raveena, 19, Nutley)