Brand Review: Andrex

We asked our panel what they thought about the toilet paper brand Andrex, and if they liked their advertising and marketing campaigns. Most felt positively about the brand and decided that it was one of the most luxurious toilet paper brands. However this quality comes at a cost with many of the panel commenting that Andrex is expensive and that they would only purchase it on offer in a shop.



Buy it regularly 

These panel members were fans of the Andrex brand and purchased their products to use in their homes. They felt that its quality didn’t compare to other brands with the cost being worth the high quality product you get in return.

“I always choose them even though sometimes they might be a bit more expensive than other brands, I think their quality is a lot better, they are very soft,” (Mikaella, 24, Portsmouth)

“I do use Andrex, I think it’s a really great brand, the toilet paper is really thick and plush and what makes it is the little puppies.” (Chloe, 25, Staines)

“My family have always used Andrex and every time we talk about it it’s like we’ve got to have Andrex.” (Cheeragi, 38, Reading)


Buy it when on offer

Others suggested that they bought Andrex but would only purchase it when it was on offer.

“It’s really soft and quality toilet paper, a lot better than some others and there’s normally some offer which is great.” (Keriarine, 27, Crewkerne)

“We do buy it in our house but only when it’s on offer as it’s a bit expensive otherwise.” (Jennifer, 33, Manchester)

“I quite like Andrex toilet paper but I’ll only buy it when it’s on offer as I find with toilet paper there isn’t that much difference.” (Emily, 28, Leeds)


Like the Andrex Brand

Even the panel members that didn’t purchase Andrex toilet paper, felt positively towards the brand.

“I grew up with the Andrex adverts with the little Labrador puppies, who can’t love them? They’d be silly to change the branding.”  (Vicky, 37, Gillingham)

“I’d definitely recommend Andrex over any other brand of toilet paper.” (Claire, 32, Oldham)

“It’s very high quality. It’s probably one of the top toilet papers I’ve used.” (Vikki, 29, Brighton)


Find it too expensive

The main reason for not buying Andrex toilet paper was down to its price.

“To be quite honest to me toilet roll is toilet roll. I’m not going to buy a more expensive brand when I could buy a supermarket own brand.” (Tom, 26, Truro)

“I absolutely love Andrex’s advertising campaigns with the puppies…I do think the price thought for toilet paper is completely outrageous.” (Jennifer, 31, London)

“I don’t buy Andrex anymore. I know it’s really good quality and it does feel really nice and soft but it’s too expensive. Toilet paper is toilet paper it doesn’t have to be especially soft and luxurious.” (Erica, 48, Hornchurch)