VoxPopMe as a viable alternative to focus groups

Thinking of conducting focus groups? Why not try the new, cutting-edge way to listen to consumers – video research.

VoxPopMe is a leader in video research, offering the fastest, most comprehensive and most affordable video tool in the US. You’ll have the very same access to great respondents, but instead of engaging them in a room full of strangers and a moderator, you’ll capture their deep, unbiased thoughts from the comfort of their own home (either on a mobile device or a desktop computer). Plus they’ll be geo-dispersed, so you’ll have feedback from respondents across the country, not just a specific market or two.

Lastly, you’ll be more productive – watch videos as they are uploaded by respondents at your leisure and forget about the nuisance of travel. Better responses, simplified logistics, no travel, and easy on your research budget.

Leverage VoxPopMe’s breakthrough video offering today for your consumer insight needs.