Brand Review: KFC

As one of the longest standing global fast food outlets, KFC is defined by the Colonel Sanders logo and the distinctive spicy flavour of it’s fried chicken. However, with even more rival brands emerging in the last decade, we wanted to know what people really thought of the brand and how they thought KFC could improve to exceed their competitors.

The panel was divided by their different opinions on the brand. Some were extremely enthusiastic about the flavour and quality of the products and claimed that the chicken felt less synthetic than other fast food. These respondents said they trusted the brand and would feel comfortable purchasing their food abroad because KFC maintained consistent food standards around the globe.

‘I’ve eaten KFC on three different continents and the quality had always been the same, all three have been very good and very cheap’ (Sam, 63, Port Glasgow)

Many people said they ranked KFC above other fast food outlets, such as Mcdonalds, Burger King and Nandos, noting KFC’s good customer service and high hygiene standards as key reasons.

‘I think they’re vastly superior to other chicken outlets, such as Nandos’ (Gavin, 37, Birmingham)

‘KFC take a little bit more care with the customer […] it’s a little bit less commercial, which makes it a bit more personal for it’s customers’ (Ana, 21, Lima)

However, nearly half of the respondents had a negative opinion of KFC. They claimed they did not buy food regularly from the chain store because they thought it was ‘greasy’,’fatty’ and generally unhealthy.

‘It’s really high in calories and it’s not very good for you’ (Sue, 52, Hockley)

In terms of advertising, some people found KFC adverts particularly effective, claiming it made the food look delicious and promoted the idea that KFC was a more family orientated brand that its’ competitors.

‘I ordered the pulled chicken burger and it was so nice. I saw the advert for it the week before and it kind of influenced me I suppose – it just looked so nice’ (George, 23, Ipswitch)

‘The adverts tend to have a family feel about them which is nice’ (Claire, 19, Loughborough)

Yet, a large number of the panel felt that the KFC brand had become less present in the market. They commented on the lack of KFC advertising campaigns conducted compared with competitors like McDonalds. A considerable amount of the panel said they could not remember the last time they saw an advert for KFC. Others felt that the Colonel Sanders logo was outdated.

‘It’s just another fast food brand as far as I’m concerned – nothing special’ (Lizzy, 40, Brighton)

‘I can’t honestly recall the last time I saw an advert’ (Rupert, 42, London)

‘There’s almost no advertising – I feel like they’re not really advertising to students’ (Thomas, 21, Sheffield)

Given this feedback, it is unsurprising that more frequent and more memorable advertising was listed among the suggestions for improvement. Other suggestions included; more economical prices and more locations with KFC restaurants, as the panel felt that there were considerably fewer KFC branches than Mcdonalds and Burger King.

There are other outlets which provide better quality and more food for money’ (Sarah, 40, Straford-Upon-Avon)

‘Their restaurants are very plentiful. Even in London, you’ve got to travel quite a distance’ (Lady Jennifer, 31, London)

There were also suggestions that KFC should expand their menu to encorporate a greater variation of products. People thought they should create a greater selection of meal deals and portion sizes and also introduce more meat and vegetarian products.

‘They should introduce something to the vegetarian section of the country because that would be really beneficial to them and would be a good business idea’ (Nikki, 40, Stafford)