UKIP – What do they really stand for?

We wanted to find out more about the Political party UKIP.  We wanted to know what our panel knew about their policies, other than their widely talked about stance on immigration.

It became apparent that many are unaware of their other policies and have only heard about UKIP due to high media coverage surrounding their controversial polices about immigration.

“This question sums up to me what is the fundamental problem with UKIP as a political party. I mean apart from immigration what actually are their policies? Does anyone know? I will hold my hands up completely and say I don’t.” (Erica, 47, Hornchurch)

Many felt that the large media focus on UKIP’s immigration polices meant that no one knew much about their other beliefs.

“I’m not 100% sure on their policies but I know their reputation.” (Simon, 47, Brighton)

“I do quite like politics and I always watch the news and despite that I don’t particularly know what UKIPs polices are.” (Scarlett, 24, Stockport)

“It’s the only thing you tend to hear them talking about or other people talking about UKIP, is their stance on immigration.” (Cazz, 33, Canterbury)

“I don’t really know what UKIP stand for or what their policies are on taxes, the health system, the environment. All those other issues.” (Susie, 27, Birmingham)

“I’m not 100% sure of UKIPS other policies which is part of the reason why I wouldn’t necessarily vote for them because I don’t know what their other policies are.” (Ben, 31, Dronfield)

Some of the panel felt that people supported UKIP without knowing the facts about all their policies.

“I think it’s ridiculous that so many support the party on that one platform that they stand on which is the immigration policies.” (Nath, 19, Coventry)

Many felt that UKIP obviously didn’t have many strong policies or they would have heard about them.

“I don’t think they have strong policies.” (Joanna, 41, Manchester)

“I don’t know a lot of their policies because I am like many people and just think you sound bad, I’ve heard bad things about you, I’m not going to listen.” (Katt, 33, Chester)

Some of the panel knew more about UKIPs other policies. The other that the most people knew about was UKIPs stance on Europe.

“Pretty much the only thing I know about UKIP apart from immigration is that they are also anti-Europe. They don’t want us to be part of Europe and they think it is a bad thing.” (Chloe, 31, Bromley)

Other policies people had a little knowledge about included UKIP’s policies surrounding the NHS, taxes and their thoughts on the minimum wage.  People felt that their views on immigrations meant that people didn’t get to hear about their other policies.

“They aren’t really getting known for what they should be known for, they need to do a better job about saying what they are really about because at the moment it isn’t really clear.” (Elizabeth, 32, Sherborne)