Health and Fitness Apps

We wanted to find out what apps our panel use to keep fit and healthy. There were two clear winners when it came to lifestyle/fitness apps that our panel liked to use. These were the apps MyFitnessPal and Nike+ app with ‘Map My Run’ coming in closely behind.

26 % of the panel members used MyFitnessPal to track their daily calorie intake and to monitor how much exercise they were doing. A few of the panel members commented that the app had even helped them to lose weight and lead a much healthier lifestyle.

MyFitnessPal seemed to be very popular because it was free app that anyone could use to help control their food intake. “It’s great because it tells you your goals and it gives you motivation which is quite important for people. So it’s been a good app for me, it’s free which is great.” (Sarah, Stratford Upon-Avon, 40)

“MyFitnessPal I recommend it to everyone, a great way to count the calories and keep fit.” (Chloe, Bromley, 31)

“I found it really good at counting my calories and I could type in pretty much any products and it already had it in the system how many calories that food had in it. So I was really able to keep an eye on how much I was eating.” (Janine, Chorley, 34)

The panel especially liked the feature on the app which meant that you could scan barcodes of items to then get the nutritional information. This was a feature that was especially useful for users when shopping in a supermarket, encouraging people to make healthier chooses with lower calorie content.

“It’s very easy to use MyFitnessPal because it has a barcode reader on it so if you are eating something you can just quickly scan it and it will put the calories in.” (Nikki, Norwich, 38)

“It really helps me control my intake and it helps me manage it so I can achieve my fitness goals.” (Cheeragi, Reading, 38)

12.8% of the panel use the Nike + app to monitor the distance of their runs. The app allows the runner to see their pace and calories burnt as well as mapping the run onto a map.

“I liked how as a beginner runner it coaches you through, setting up a goal for yourself and monitoring how you are doing and giving you motivation to keep going and get better.” (Andrew, Edinburgh, 34)

“As an app it looks really really good. I love the addition of being able to have a power song for if you are lagging and struggling so it gives you that extra boost to get through your run. It then tracks you and gives you data and tells you how well you are doing compared to when you last did the run.” (Philip, Wallsend, 26)

However some of our users were less keen on the apps as they found entering in all your data annoying and time consuming.

“I have used both the MyFitnessPal and Nike + app. However I personally didn’t find them much use. I fond it annoying to have to keep entering things, I’d rather just get on with it.” (Rob, 24, Shrewsbury)