John Lewis

We asked our panel to tell us about their opinion and experiences with the John Lewis brand.

57% of the panel were seen as promoters to the John Lewis brand. “It just represents quality really.” (Jamie, Solihull, 27) These were panel members that would regularly shop in-store or online with John Lewis and were on the whole extremely happy with the products and service they had received.

Heather, 25, from Perth described John Lewis as “one of the few good high street brands that still exist.”


It appears that John Lewis are doing a lot right, with 22% commenting on the quality of their products, and 29% specifically mentioning the homeware section being far better than any other competitor. “I personally love John Lewis, I have got a lot of my household items from there and their customer service is really really good.” (Dawn, Weymouth, 24) A number of the panel also mentioned John Lewis excelling in the electronics department. People were partially impressed with the warranties that came when purchasing electrical goods.


The large variety of products stood out to our panel. John Lewis is “everything you could want under one roof”, with good store layout and a high level of customer service to match. Many panel members commented that if they had previously had any problem with John Lewis the staff had always been very polite and professional. “I love the fact that their customer service is second to none.” (Elaine, Harpenden, 48) They also mentioned the helpfulness of the staff and how they appeared to be very knowledgeable in their particular field.

“I really love shopping at John Lewis, I think the quality of their products are brilliant and their customer service is second to none and the prices you pay are often comparable  with even discounted brands.” (Rachel, 31, Atherstone)

The only improvements our panel believed could be made was around the stores, some commented that they were ‘out-dated’ or ‘old-fashioned’ and could do with a revamp. “I think they need a new image, they need to be revamped.” (Leroy, Wallsall, 45)

Others asked for more stores available, as their local John Lewis was still a considerable drive. However Rob, 37, from Colchester felt that John Lewis has “one of the best shopping websites around”, although his John Lewis is far away he will still choose to shop with them because he receives a great experience.

Many also felt that John Lewis needed to be more competitively priced. “You always know when you buy something from John Lewis that you are probably paying the most that you are going to pay for it anywhere. You can often find stuff cheaper anywhere else.” (Jamie, Solihull, 27) This seemed to be the biggest reason why people would choose not to shop at John Lewis.

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