Kenco: Coffee Vs Gangs

We asked our panel of UK consumers their opinion on latest advert from Kenco, ‘Coffee Vs Gangs’, although powerful, the advert did receive mixed reviews.

The advert mixes real actors with animation through cartoon tattoos, following a teenager saved from the danger of joining a gang by being brought into Kenco’s farming project.


Watch the advert:

The panel were split down the middle, as just over half of the respondents liked the advert, describing the advert as ‘ ethical’, ‘memorable’ and ‘realistic’.
It seems the viewers were impressed by the fact that the company is doing something good to avoid children being exploited. There was an emphasis on corporate responsibility, as many looked to large organisations to set an ethical example.

Although original and effective, a number of the panel did not like the graphic effects of the tattoo animations.

21% of the panel felt negatively about the advert and described it as “ dark” and quite “scary”, with the overall point of the advert being “not clear”. It seems that the message that Kenco are trying to portray is not completely clear until the end of the story.



There were controversial opinions about the ethical actions that the company is participating in. While some of the respondents would now consider Kenco to be trustworthy, others did not believe the concept of the advert to be true, seeing it as a way to appear ‘caring’ while trying to improve their image. Many felt the advert was insincere and just acting as a marketing ploy.



The advert did not appear to have too much of an effect on UK consumers, as many commented that this advert had not convinced them to buy Kenco coffee.