Technology – Freedom or Repression?

Technology allows us to communicate with the world, but it can also track our every move and when misused can invade our privacy. We wanted to know how our panel felt about the ever-advancing world of technology; did its endless possibilities excite or scare them?

Many of the panel felt that technology, when used in the right way was an exciting and useful thing. The panel felt that it provided them with the freedom to express themselves and to talk to anyone around the world. It also creates opportunities allowing anyone to create their own business and offers almost limitless information. “The amount of information at your fingertips is amazing.” (Daisy, 27, London)

Instead of being scared our panel were impressed and excited by the speed at which technology has advanced in the last twenty years. They also felt that it was a worthwhile development because it allows us to do some many things so quickly. However the panel did have some concerns about technology. They felt that the censorship over the Internet in certain countries was a worry and seemed to be a way for the government to keep control by disallowing people to see certain information that they wanted to be kept hidden.

Some of the panel also worried about us losing social skills through lack of human interaction as we are becoming too heavily reliant on technology. Most of the panel agreed though that technology does solve more problems than it creates. For example tracking services were seen as both useful and worrying by the panel as it helps you to find things but also could be used to invade someone’s privacy. It was also agreed that children needed to be carefully monitored when using technology, especially the Internet, in order to keep them safe.

The panel seemed to come to the conclusion that as long as technology was used correctly it was a positive thing that enhanced our lives more than in hindered it. “I don’t see anything negative about it…if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to worry about.” (Elizabeth, 34, Kettering)