V Power

We asked our panel what they thought the ‘V’ in Shell V Power stands for and what they think the benefits are from using this fuel.

Many felt that the Shell V Power was a fuel that would help to enhance a cars performance. It was agreed by our panel that it must be a superior, enriched fuel that is more efficient that the standard fuels, allowing you to gain more miles per gallon. It was also mentioned by the panel that this fuel is better for the car’s engine, however some felt that this fuel was only worth the extra cost if you had an expensive car with a powerful engine. “This is only effective if you have a car with a big engine and is a performance sort of car.” (Simon, 27, Gateshead)

“I imagine the benefits of this type of fuel would be that it’s more fuel efficient for your car so you’re getting more miles per gallon compared to the standard fuel, also it’s better for the engine.” (Kyle, 27, Carlisle)

We asked our users what they thought the ‘V’ stood for in V Power. Below in the word cloud you can see the mixture of the different words our users associated V Power with.

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Out of these words ‘Very’ and ‘Voom’ were the most popular suggestions for what the ‘V’ might stand for within our panel. ‘Very’ was popular due to people associating V Power fuel with lasting longer and allowing cars to handle difficult driving conditions. ‘Voom” was exactly popular due to the association of fast, powerful racing cars using this type of fuel.

The panel that had experience with using the V Power fuel all seemed to be impressed, “How do I find Shell V Power fuel? I think it’s superb fuel, don’t use it all the time, but I think it’s superb fuel it helps keep a cleaner engine, more efficient and sometimes provides more miles per gallon as well.” (Tim, 47, Bangor)

Take a look at what a few other VoxPopers thought about Shell’s V Power fuel and see their suggestions of what the ‘V’ may stand for.