Ad Review: KFC Great American Bites

We asked our panel to review the latest advert from KFC. This advert saw a departure from KFC’s traditional style of ad with the family scene at home eating from a KFC bucket. However this advert still kept the theme of family ties, with KFC bringing the family together by the end of the ad.

The panel had mixed views on the ad, with many thinking that it was long winded and a bit boring, “it’s a little bit too much.” Many felt that the hollywood America feel to the advert was too much and over the top with it needing to get to the point much sooner. “It’s an ok advert. I’m not going to my friends raving about it.” 

A number of the panel felt that product should be mentioned earlier on in the advert. It is unclear that what the advert is advertising till the very end. “It doesn’t make me want to go to KFC.” Many felt that there wasn’t enough information about the actual KFC product. “It’s slow, it’s boring… I didn’t really think about KFC or chicken.” (Lucy, 20, Stoke on Trent)

However some panel members really liked the ad from KFC. They felt that it effectively portrayed the sense of tradition that KFC stands for. “This had a story to it and it kept your attention.” (George, 23, Ipswich) Some panel members found the ad visually pleasing and really liked the American style and culture that influenced the advert unlike others who thought it was too much and overpowering.