Brand Review: Interflora

We asked our panel to tell us about their recent experience with Interflora, the international florist brand. The panel were quite mixed about Interflora, with comments being made on the price and the quality of the flowers.Interflora seemed a very popular option when it came to sending flowers to mothers. This was down to them being a trusted brand with a quick delivery service, perfect for those last minute, emergency orders.

The panel members that felt positively towards the Interflora brand did so because of their flexible, fast delivery and wide selection of good quality, fresh flowers. The next day delivery service was especially popular with our panel. Many felt that they may be on the more expensive side but this was worth it for the quality of flowers that you received.

Some of the panel hadn’t been quite as impressed by Interflora. “They weren’t cheap and they weren’t fresh so I wouldn’t recommend them.” (Chloe, 22 Manchester) They felt that the website was misleading with the pictures of the bouquets misrepresenting how they actually were. Some members also felt that the flowers were very expensive and didn’t last as long as flowers from other suppliers.