Dating Disasters

The course of true love never did run smooth and this is certainly the case for our panel. We asked our members about their worst dating experiences. We received some very funny responses with a lot of the panel reminiscing on their teenage years which seemed to be full of dating disasters. From passing out in a club toilet after drinking too much, calling your date the wrong name, to having to witness your date do the worm across the dance floor our panel have experienced their fair share of dating woes.



“I did fall in love at school with a girl called Emily who had blonde hair and she drew me a picture and wrapped up a bit of fudge, as a fat child that was really important to me as a good solid foundation for a relationship…we agreed to sit together on the carpet at reading time until Emily decided to wet herself everywhere…after that I decided to distance myself as that definitely put a dampener on things.” (Philip, 25, Wallsend) 

With the ever growing popularity of online dating a few of our members have experienced their dates lying about their appearance and age online, resulting in a painfully awkward first encounter. Blind dates also cropped up as a source of awkwardness.

But don’t let our panel’s embarassing stories put you off! The next first date might just be your last and if not you’re sure to have a great story to tell!

Happy Dating VoxPopers!