eHarmony Promises to Give You Butterflies… Not The Hump.

We asked our panel to watch and review the latest advertisement from online dating site eHarmony. Most of the panel viewed this ad in a positive light adding that it was more memorable than most online dating ads and conveyed the message that, eHarmony found more compatible matches than other sites well.

Many felt that the advert was fun, simple yet very effective. Even though the message is that they take dating more seriously than competitors they conveyed this message in a light hearted, memorable way.“The advert took away the negatives associated with online dating.” (Kiran, London,19)

A few of the panel felt that the advert was boring and lifeless. “It completely failed to engage me.” (Alan, 41, Ealing) They agreed that it may be memorable but didn’t find it amusing or clever like other members did and failed to understand what the advert was getting at. 

However in general the eHarmony advert was received well by the panel with it being called words like “genuine” “subtle” and “chilled” with many commenting that dating adverts were normally cheesy or dull and this advert was neither of these things.