Grab and Go – Fast food

We asked our panel members which food outlets they would opt for when they are out and about and on the go. Popular eateries included McDonald’s, Greggs, Pret A Manger and Subway.

Although a number of the panel said they actively tried to avoid fast food chains like McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King in a bid to try and stay healthy.

McDonald’s Net Promoter Score:

As you can see from the above chart, McDonald’s scored a relatively low Net Promoter Score of -32.88. “I would very very very rarely go to McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, anywhere like that because it’s unhealthy, poor quality and I want to eat proper food.” (Matt, Southampton, 36) Instead they tended to visit places that offer meal deals like M & S and Boots. Meal deals were mentioned a number of times by the panel as being particularly popular because they offered such a good deal.

Subway was favoured over McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC as it was seen as the healthier and fresher option. “We love the sandwiches from Subway because they are fresh and very filling.” (Philip Wallsend, 25) As you can see below, Subway scored the highest of all the fast food brands at -18.18.

However KFC and McDonald’s were mentioned a number of times by the panel as the place they would go to as an occasional treat. “If I’m on the motorway I’ll generally have a KFC at the service station because I think it’s the best value for fast-food and it has the best selection. Although I generally feel guilty about it because obviously it’s unhealthy.” (Chloe, Bromley 30)

Some of our users were big fans of fast food, “KFC is definetly my favourite, I eat there a lot more, maybe once every few weeks…I do like fast food, it’s easy, it’s cheap…you can eat it in, you can take it out, you can take it home.” (Chloe, Staines 24) Mcdonald’s was also pretty popular with the fast food lovers.

Burger King scored the lowest in terms of Net Promoter Score, as many preferred a McDonald’s, KFC or Subway if they were opting for a fast food option. This could be down to the extra costs attached, as on a previous VoxPopMe survey it was discovered the UK consumers prefer the taste of Burger King burgers.

The amount our users eat on the go varied from some people only eating on the go occasionally to some users saying they eat on the go everyday due to being busy with work. “We have food on the go a couple of times a month.” (Katie, Wallsend, 25)