Go Ahead! The Most Important Snack of the Day.

Go Ahead! and treat yourself to the advertised ‘most important snack of the day’. Go Ahead! have packed in snack enlightenment in place of this latest short, snappy and colourful advert. This advert definitely succeeds in giving you a taste of the energy burst their fruity biscuity snack provides.

Some of the panel felt that snacks, on the whole, tend to be devalued as unhealthy; that there is a bit of a taboo around ‘snacking’, that snacking must lead to an increase in weight. In spite of this, a number of the panel recognised the need for snacking, as long as the snack is healthy. Most of those panel members commented that they already purchase Go Ahead! or similar health bars/biscuits to keep them going through the working day.

Take a look at the advert from Go Ahead!

Although the very short 30 seconds getting straight to the point of Go Ahead!, a number of the panel did not enjoy the advert. The advert was described an inoffensive, however some were left confused and disinterested by the advert, commenting that the advert had no real message or story line. A small normal of the panel felt this was due to the advert being of a low budget.

However, this worked favourably for other members of the panel that appreciated the straight talking advert finding the advert catchy and vibrant. Many felt that the advert was a good representation of how fruity the product is. This proportion of the panel felt that they would be more likely to purchase Go Ahead! on their next supermarket trip.

Muhit, from Walsall, said “I remember more the Backstreet Boys than anything else”. The soundtrack was the most positively commented on aspect to the advert, as a number of the panel commented on the catchy and nostalgic song choice.

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