How UK Consumers Perceive The Citizens Advice Bureau

Overall, our panel of UK consumers commented positively towards their recent experiences with the Citizens Advice bureau. The service was described as helpful, informative and ran by people that genuinely seemed like they wanted to help.

“As far as I’m concerned it was a 10 out of 10 service”.

Most commonly, the Citizens Advice Bureau was used for money advice, or legal advice based around entitlement. Many saw the Citizens Advice Bureau as a ‘first port of call’ for any advice or support needed; that the advisers will not necessarily know all the answers, but will know the right direction to point you in.

Over 83% of the panel felt positively towards their last experience with the Citizens Advice Bureau. Many felt the advisers were knowledgeable and well equip to deal with a range of queries, although some did comment that it can be hard to get an appointment at a good time and there can be large queues when you go in.

Almost the entire panel saw their experience with the Citizens Advice Bureau as a good use of time, commenting that the advice and support they needed was impartial and appropriate. A proportion of the panel commented that they had turned to the Citizens Advice Bureau when they were in debt, and found following the steps and advice they have been able to stabilise and control their money situation.

Some of the panel felt that the Citizens Advice Bureau could be more personalised, as they had previously been given quite a generic response to their enquiry which did not necessary help them in their particular situation. In spite of that, 76% of the panel said they would be likely to recommend the Citizens Advice Bureau to a friend, colleague or family member.

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