The UK Consumer Opinion of Virgin Trains

Think Virgin Trains, what comes to mind?

We asked our panel our UK consumer what three words initially come to mind when they first think of Virgin Trains.

A large proportion of the responses we received were very favourable towards the Virgin Trains brand, as sentiment analyse revealed 75.4% of the responses we received were positive. This segment of the panel associated Virgin Trains with speed, quality and comfort. It seems that in comparison to other train travel providers, Virgin Trains are providing a service over and above their competitors.

  • Steven 28 Years Old

  • Senara 34 Years Old

  • Nath 22 Years Old


Red. The colour red was highly associated with the Virgin brand, between the logo, the train colour, and the seat colour a number instantly associated red. A small segment also associated the colour blue with Virgin Trains, commenting on the two colours of seating in standard class – that you become very aware of the surroundings when you are son a long train journey.

  • Alan 44 Years Old

  • Juliana 23 Years Old

  • mo 40 Years Old

The interior of Virgin Trains was highly commented on, as many associated the brand with comfort and being able to relax. Some of the panel compared the comfort and reliability of Virgin Trains to Virgin Atlantic, that they both offer luxury superior travel in their individual industries.

Richard Branson was highly associated with the Virgin Trains brand, as many perceived Branson to be the face of the brand. Natasha, from Wooburn, said “he is the face of all things Virgin”. Unlike many other companies, where the CEO is not essentially a celebrity. A large proportion saw Richard Branson as a role model, and a good face for the Virgin brand – he does not shy away from the publicity of his brand.

  • Tom 24 Years Old

  • Chloe 27 Years Old

  • Erica 50 Years Old

Although Virgin Trains seem to be doing well with their train travel offering, not all the panel were pleased with the service. Just under 12% of the panel associated Virgin Trains with delays. However there seems to be a general trend amongst the panel that train travel across the UK is on the whole expensive and unreliable, Virgin are perceived as one of the better services. A number of the panel felt that there seemed to be nowhere near the amount of delays on Virgin in comparison to other train travel providers.

  • Beccy 27 Years Old

  • Katie 27 Years Old

  • John 42 Years Old