How UK Consumers Perceive

We asked our panel of UK consumers what they thought of the brand; with survey integration, we discovered that on the whole are pleasing UK consumers.

Overall sentiment analysis suggested that 68% of the panel felt positively towards the brand, with a further 24% commenting neutrally. appeared to have a higher than average sentiment score amongst females aged 18-24, which was supported by a number of older women and males finding Boohoo as more of a ‘girly’ brand for young and thin females.

Although, when it came to the Net Promoter Score Analysis. were not perceived as well; scoring -28 on a scale between -100 and +100 suggests that’s detractors clearly outweigh their promoters. Find out more about Net Promoter Scores. We were able to discover instantly why those who were considered detractors felt negatively towards the brand.

Net Promoter Score


Promoters to the brand

Detractors to the brand

Quality of the clothing

The quality of clothing received some mixed reviews, as a number of the panel felt that was where fell down. Vee, from Dundee, said the clothing is “fine for the first few wears and washes, and then they do tend to bobble a little bit”. Although many felt for the price you are paying, the quality of the clothes is good value – that you cannot expect too much when the clothing is so affordable. Michael, from Runcorn, felt that “[] is about 25% cheaper in comparison to any other shops”.


Style of the clothing

Overall, the panel seemed impressed with the style of clothing, commenting that it remained up-to-date with current fashion trends from other online clothing competitors like ASOS and The panel liked the variety of clothing, that a large proportion of the clothing is available in multiple colours – so if you find an item you love, you can buy it in all the colours.


On the whole, the service of was perceived positively, as many found delivery speed and cost to be fair and in line with their competitors. Only a small number of the panel had had previous bad experiences with the service.