Anti-Homeless Metal Studs Spike Controversy

Metal studs have been installed outside a block of London flats to deter the homeless from sleeping there. What potentially seems like quite an inhumane way of restricting rough sleepers has caused quite a stir amongst the general public.

On the whole, the public felt very negatively towards the imposed metal studs. Many of those empathised with the homeless, that every homeless person has their own back story; it’s not simply a choice they have made. We should be doing what we can to help those people, instead of hinder their already bad lifestyle.

A number of the panel felt uncomfortable that homeless people were being disregarded as similar to animals. The metal studs were described as “disgusting” and “disgraceful”, as many felt this was not the right way to deal with the homelessness problem in the UK. 

Many recognised that in the UK we have homeless people, and they need to sleep somewhere, and if there is nowhere indoors they can sleep, how can we force them out of less exposed areas. It seemed that a large proportion of the panel felt that those who complained about homelessness in their area should see how it would feel if the shoe was on the other foot.

Some of the panel questioned how effective the metal studs are, that there has been no real research of how this would change the lifestyle of homeless. It’s not a solution to the problem, just moving the problem to another area.

Although a very small proportion of the panel did agree with the use of metal studs, commenting that it is an effective protocol that would stop the homeless problems in certain areas. Some of the panel commented that those who are anti the metal studs should try living with a homeless problem in their area before they can comment.