Who are the most influential people alive today?

We asked our panel of UK consumers who they thought the most influential people alive today are; although the answers were extremely mixed, with no real definitive answer, we had some incredibly interesting responses we wanted to share.

From the sceptic, to the politician, to those who perceive celebrities to have the greatest control over how we act as a society – one thing is for sure, there is no wrong answer. We are influenced by different people in every aspect to life, society, and the world as a whole.

There was a running trend that some of our panel felt although politicians are perceived to be in charge, they have no real say – and just appear to be the face of who is really in charge.

See below some of our favourite responses from our panel:


  • Andrew 36 Years Old

  • Elaine 50 Years Old

  • Gavin 39 Years Old

  • Rosmy 22 Years Old

  • Simon 49 Years Old

  • Paul 26 Years Old

  • Chris 46 Years Old

  • John 71 Years Old

  • Anthony 44 Years Old

  • Kat 35 Years Old

  • Sam 65 Years Old

  • Raymond 36 Years Old

  • Scott 27 Years Old

  • Nath 22 Years Old

  • Cheryl 25 Years Old