Say Yes to Yes with Coors Light

The latest advert from Coors Light beer appears to have gone down well with UK consumers, with many embracing the change from Jean-claude van Damme on their screens.

The advert emphasises the need for adventure, that we should all be seeking no matter who we are. Tied together with Coors Light, that it is the beer brand that will be supporting your adventure.

The advert was perceived as humorous, with a light-hearted spin to the drinks brand. An inclusive advert, in comparison to some of the previous adverts, moving away from the position as a manly brand.

Take a look at the advert:

Lou, from Bristol, said “It makes you quite tempted to want a beer”.

A number of the panel enjoyed the quirky and differentiated advert, that appeared to be unique in comparison to how a lot of other beer companies advertise. It seemed the talking bear head has more of an appeal to UK consumers than the previous face of Coors Light, Jean-claude van Damme. Overall the advert appealed to all ages of our panel, with something for every type of person included.

Some of the panel felt that they did not see the Coors brand advertised much in the UK, or as available as other beers, but enjoyed the advert and commented they would be looking out for Coors Light in the future. The panel associated the Coors Light brand with refreshment, that it’s a drink you’ve had after doing a lot of activity – to sit down and relax while you’re at the top of a mountain.

However, some of the panel did comment negatively towards the advert. 14% of the panel did not enjoy the advert, who felt that it was too stretched out with not enough action or excitement – finding it less engaging and therefore switching off. A few members of the panel felt that the Coors Light brand should have been more emphasised in the advert, with a stronger connection.