Video Insight Has Never Been Easier

Video has always been used sparingly, with the perception that it is extremely time consuming to collect real time qualitative research. No longer will you be afraid of capturing user generated content; not only is it extremely engaging for the consumer to record themselves, more personal for the company to see the individual consumer instead of just a survey ID, VoxPopMe has enabled qualitative research to be as easy to collate and compile as quantitative research. 

With VoxPopMe, all the analysis is done for you; between transcription and sentiment, all video responses are instantly ready for you to filter to the exact user responses you would like to watch. This blog post focuses on the functions to our platform you may not be aware of, confirming that video is the way forward for your research and insight.

Welcome to the new VoxPopMe portal. Over the past 12 months we’ve worked with some really exciting brands, helping us develop to who we are today. Our portal now has a number of ways to sort and refine the content, that collecting usable video content has never been easier.

Brands and agencies can set up a question in the portal within minutes, choosing exactly who they want to target based on key demographics. The question is then scheduled and pushed live to the app. But then what happens?

Don’t worry; you’re not just left with pages and pages of videos responses to trawl through. As the video responses come streaming in, they approved by our team of reviewers. All video responses are then transcribed as standard, and given a sentiment score where applicable. This makes the videos searchable and sortable; for example you can easily filter all your responses to only view the users that have responded negatively, or all the responses that mention a certain phrase.

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Did you know short survey questions can now be integrated into the app? That’s right, you are able to ask a number of short quantitative questions before the user records their video response. This has been great for collecting key stats around campaigns. An example where this has recently worked very well for us; we ran a VoxPopMe campaign during the European elections to gather consumer opinion, with our new survey integration we were able to collect which political party each user was in favour of.

You are then able to sort responses by howthey responded to the initial survey, essential for brand tracking. When it comes to Net Promoter Score, it is important to understand the ‘why’ behind the score. With our platform, you can see personally which users have given you a net promoter score of 1 and exactly why they have scored you that specific mark.

Never before has market research been so capable to receive in the moment, precise and valuable research straight from the consumer.

Responses are available to download individually straight from the portal. Or alternatively, our recently released ‘favourites’ option allows you to select your favourite responses and instantly make a downloadable show reel. All your favourite responses are then stitched together, there is no limit to the responses you can add to a show reel, and overlays each response with the users name, age and location.


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