Weird Flavours You Love!

With the vast amount of tastes and flavours we consume, it’s no surprise there’s a number of combinations we won’t normally put together that seem to taste so good.

For me it’s McDonald’s chips dipped in strawberry milkshake, although to our excitement we’ve had some even greater and weirder flavours from our panel of UK consumers.

The most common of which was the idea of chilli flavoured chocolate; a number of the panel found the idea bizarre, but on first taste were in love…

It seemed the combination of the sweet and savoury really worked for our panel, especially savoury ice cream!

When you’re in the mood for a banana ice cream, but there’s no cones left in your house, Simon has the solution. 

Actually, it was almost a running theme to mix bananas and roast dinners… Banana and gravy anyone?

A couple more of our favourite weird food anecdotes: