The Most Popular Deodorant Brands in the UK

A recent VoxPopMe survey discovered the most popular deodorant brands for UK consumers, not just through a tick box quantitative survey, but through user-generated mobile market research straight from UK consumers. See our panel show clearly on camera their preferred deodorant brand, and explain exactly why they have opted for that brand.

On the whole, deodorant choice was not solely down to price – although a few members of the panel had chosen specific brands due to a buy one get one free in-store type promotion. It seemed on the whole, brand loyalty seemed key to a number of deodorants – the idea of tried and tested, as a number of the panel felt they had found a deodorant they are happy with so will just stick to that.

Most of the panel wanted a deodorant that lasts the day; however those of the panel that had purchased a 48-hour deodorant commented that the deodorant did not last that long, but they were impressed that it would leave them fresh all day at work.

47% commented that they chose their deodorant due to environmental reasons; for some that included purchasing a roll on deodorant or an antiperspirant in a compressed can. For only a small amount, their deodorant choice solely relied on whether it was environmentally friendly, and ethical by not being tested on animals – commenting that they did not want to harm their skin or animals with unnecessary chemicals.

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