What UK consumers think of the Innocent brand

The current UK consumer opinion of the Innocent brand was on the whole positive; from a recent campaign conducted by VoxPopMe, when it came to Net Promoter Score analysis Innocent scored a just above average +6.79.

Net Promoter Score analysis is based on the concept that the detractors to Innocent brand are subtracted from the promoters to the Innocent brand; a detractor is anyone that scores Innocent between 0-6 out of 10, whereas a promoter is anyone that scores Innocent 9-10 out of 10. Find out more about Net Promoter Scores.

Mardon, 29, commented that he “considered [Innocent] to be number 1 natural, and number 1 healthy”.

It seems on the whole the panel were relatively impressed with the Innocent brand, describing their offering as natural, home-grown with that wholesome feeling that leaves you refreshed and feeling good. Supported by an ethical and environmentally friendly brand.

The majority of the panel liked what the brand stands for, and enjoy the quirkiness of their clever marketing – others commented on their good corporate social responsibility policies, whereby they give a certain proportion of their profit to charity, a good example for other companies.

Although not everyone felt positively towards the Innocent brand, this was overall down to the high sugar content in a lot of their products – that although they are perceived and marketed as healthy, they are really not that good for you. Others felt that in spite of the high quality products, when it comes down to it the price is just too high. A small proportion that a brand cannot consider themselves to be ethical and ‘innocent’ while being owned by such a large corporation as Coca-Cola.

Only a small number of the panel commented on other Innocent products, like the veg pots, the main focus was on their smoothie and juice offering.