The current UK opinion of The Co-operative

Discover in this report the current UK consumer opinion of The Co-Operative brand, described by a number of the panel as a ‘top up shop’.

A recent campaign with survey integration conducted by VoxPopMe revealed on the whole a positive Net Promoter Score for The Co-operative brand; scoring a +9.33 on the scale, the amount of promoters to the brand clearly outweighs the detractors. Just over 31% of the panel scored The Co-op brand a 10/10 on the likelihood of them recommended the brand to a friend or relative.


It appears what The Co-Operative brand are doing well is that they are the local convenience store, they’re well stocked with household essentials, with good opening times to just pop in on your way somewhere or on the way home. That the Co-op brand picks up in between an off license and a supermarket.

The customer service was commented on positively, along with their regular promotions. The Co-op brand was seen as ethical, that they promote a good corporate philosophy, our panel felt in comparison to other large UK brands.

Although a large proportion of the panel felt that The Co-operative have recently lost their stance as an ethical brand, perceived to be failing in terms of their senior management and recent bad press. A small proportion of the panel were anxious to currently be banking with them, concerned that they could implode at any moment.

Furthermore, when it came to the in store experience of The Co-op, a number of the panel felt that they could not compete on price with other supermarkets. That they are more expensive, but do not offer a higher quality – therefore are not perceived value.