Be loud with L’Oreal, because you’re worth it

Cheryl Cole, now known for her endorsement of L’Oreal haircare, seems to go down well with our female panel of UK consumers as many liked the stability of the association between Cheryl Cole and L’Oreal.

Most of the panel felt that Cheryl Cole was a great choice for the advert, as the majority felt that she is a good role model for the brand – someone to aspire to – and someone that has great hair!

Take a look at the #GoLoudFeria advert from L’Oreal, that was described as “really quite wonderful actually”:

The advert was described as beautiful, stunning, and stand-out; seen as modern and up-to-date with great song choice and the use of dip-dyed hair. The song used seemed to go with the ‘go louder’ feel, finding the advert a different but effective take on the classic L’oreal advert. Although a number of the panel felt the advert was missing Cheryl Cole emphasising the L’Oreal tagline ‘because you’re worth it’ at the end.

A small proportion of the panel found the advert very similar to this one from Pepsi:

Our favourite and funniest comment of the campaign had to be from Vickie, Leeds, 44:

“She really ought to be wearing some more sensible shoes walking through that dark and dingy underground garage”