Turn Cooking into an Adventure with Lurpak.

Tonight as we stand on the edge of possibility, we choose adventure. Tonight we choose Lurpak. After watching the advert, some of our panel were certainly inspired.

Elliotte, from London, said “It’s 5.30 right now where I am, it’s about dinner time, I think I’m going to go and cook me some Lurpak!” Adventure requires the right equipment, and the right equipment is of course Lurpak.

Lurpak continues to position itself as the premium brand when it comes to butter, now releasing a competitor to take on the likes of Vernon Kay and his Flora Pro Activ – they are breaking through the mould of just spreadable butter, and hitting the healthy food market with a storm.

What our panel seem to really like about Lurpak adverts is the promotion of healthy eating and cooking, that it’s not all doom and gloom when you eat vegetables and it doesn’t have to be boring. Cooking is something you should have fun with, a number of the panel felt this advert in particular would work well amongst a younger audience. A small proportion of the panel felt that the advert was more targeted towards men, with the sci-fi space type theme – that all too often cooking type adverts are aimed more at women, but Lurpak tend to break that mould recognising that cooking can be and is for everyone (if they have the right equipment!).

“Even the carrot in the water looked like a rocket taking off”. The advert works for many reasons, but the top reason has to be that it is visually stimulating, the powerful cinematography, the use of camera angles that make items of food look part of space travel. A number of the panel compared the advert to an movie trailer for the latest action/sci-fi film. Neil, from Amersham, felt that the advert “lasts a minute, but it doesn’t seem to take a minute, you’re always wondering about what is coming next”, it seemed the advert, although longer than your average advert, held the attention of the user.

71% of the panel rated the advert very highly, with a number stating they ‘can’t fault it’. Although some of the panel felt that the advert could have focussed more on the new cooking range from Lurpak, as you don’t see what they are advertising until the very end. The small proportion that commented negatively on the advert felt that this type of advert had been done before, the dramatic action type film; therefore this particular advert would not particularly stand out.