Marks & Spencer Clothing – The UK Consumers Opinion

When it came to Marks & Spencer clothing, there was a mix of opinions from the female members of our panel – although there was a general feeling that Marks & Spencer are a Great British brand with a strong reputation in the UK. Although if you were to ask our panel what they associate with the Marks & Spencer brand, a large proportion would initally comment on M&S food.

M&S scored a Net Promoter Score of -19.26, which seems on first glance negative. Net Promoter Scores are calculated by the amount of detractors subtracted from the amount of promoters to the M&S clothing brand. More information on Net Promoter Scores. However, the general sentiment analysis of the campaign revealed that 69.4% of the panel felt positively towards M&S clothing.

It seemed those who gave Marks & Spencer a lower score felt that the clothing simply did not appeal to them. These users saw the Marks & Spencer brand in a positively light in terms of food, M&S children clothing or clothing for the older generation – some of the panel commented on good shopping experiences in Marks and Spencer with their grandparents. Many still had to perception the Marks & Spencer was a clothing brand for older people.

“I think it’s more, though, for my age group plus. I’m early 40’s, so I think it will apply more to probably the 40 plus. I think the young girls wouldn’t want to wear their clothes.”

Those who were considered promoters to the M&S clothing brand found the sizes to be realistic; whereby if you are a size 12, then a size 12 from Marks & Spencer will always fit. This was supporting by the quality of the clothing that a number of the panel felt they could trust to last a long time.

A large proportion of the panel commented on the Marks & Spencer underwear department, that they won’t often buy clothing from Marks and Spencer but they will regularly buy their underwear there because of the quality and comfort at an affordable price.

When it came to the women’s clothing ranges available at Marks & Spencer, only 7% felt that the style of clothing available was excellent. These members of the panel commented on certain clothing ranges, like Autograph or Per Una, that they are beginning to cater for the younger generation. Although a number of the younger panel only commented that they had only recently purchased from the M&S basics range in the past few months.

On the whole M&S clothing was rated good/satisfactory on their pricing, as 38% of the panel scored them as satisfactory – a number of the panel felt that the clothing was not worth the extra cost, in comparison to some of the competition. Other panel members that commented on this tended to be students, who felt that M&S clothing was just not in their price range or their style.

Where M&S clothing really excel to our panel is in their quality, as 45% felt that the quality of the clothing is very good, and a further 22% gave the clothing a score of excellent for quality.