It’s Good To Be Bad With Jaguar

The latest advert from Jaguar tells us something we all know, all British people are evil. All the Hollywood movie villains are British, and they all drive Jaguars – should we as British people like the advert?

Absolutely. Finally a brand is playing on the idea that British make the best villains! To top that all off, we have the best villain car – the Jaguar F-type. An incredibly desirable car but it is not the focus of the advert – the focus is the line up of actors; Sir Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong.


 John, 38, said “this might be my favourite TV commercial”.

The concept behind this advert has had two definite varying opinions amongst our panel. 76% commented positively towards the advert, this proportion of the advert felt the use of great British actors ran parallel to the idea of Jaguars being great British cars. The similarity associated between Jaguar cars and the actors used; that they are both iconic, both desirable (to most), and both emphasise status.

Although, of the 24% that commented negatively towards the British Villains advert, most felt that Jaguar must have “too much money to spend on advertising”. There was a general feeling that the advert is not overly creative or unique, it just appears to have money thrown at the advert to get a-list celebrities in the advert.

Ashley, from London, described the advert as “very good, very British, very iconic”. The majority of the panel found the advert amusing, playing on a comical misconception of British people in Hollywood blockbusters. That the advert emphasises the Britishness of the Jaguar brand, as many of the panel liked to see a brand proud of being British and that Britain can be associated with quality premium cars, especially with such tough competition from Germany.