Should the UK remain part of the European Union?

We asked our panel of UK consumers whether they felt it would be more beneficial for the UK to remain as part of the EU or leave. Although almost 66% felt that the UK should remain part of the EU, a relatively high percentage of 34% wanted to leave the EU.

Though some of the panel disagreed, there seemed to be many ‘yes’ reasons to the UK remaining part of the EU. A large proportion of the panel saw the EU as a bit of a safety blanket through co-operation of neighbouring countries; allowing us to bail each other out through tougher times, for example the recession. The EU gives us the opportunity to trade freely through mainland Europe, accessing more countries with little barriers, which many saw key to maining stable importing and exporting.

[easychart type=”pie” title=”Should the UK remain part of the EU?” groupnames=”Yes,No” group1values=”65.73″ group2values=”34.27″ chartfadecolor=”FFFFFF”]

Of those who favoured the Conservative party, just over 64% wanted to remain part of the EU; similarly to those who favoured the Labour party, just under 69% wanted the UK to stay in the EU. Respondents that favoured the Liberal Democrats party had a considerably higher percentage that wanted to remain part of the EU, at 88%.

[easychart type=”horizbar” height=”200″ title=”Which Political party do you favour(%)?” groupnames=”Conservative,Labour,Liberal Democrats,UKIP,Green” valuenames=”Political Party” group1values=”25.17″ group2values=”41.26″ group3values=”17.48″ group4values=”6.29″ group5values=”2.09″ chartfadecolor=”FFFFFF”]

A number of the panel felt that the ability to travel between the European countries without needing a Visa is something we massively take for granted. With many commenting on the ability to migrate to other countries, similarly to the boost in the economy we receive from immigrants choosing to live in Britain; especially as many immigrants do a lot of jobs British people may not want to do.

Although the opposing 34% commented on the other point of view of immigration; the drain on resources, such as the NHS or the benefits system, that our state funded services cannot cope with a growing population. Some of the panel felt that European Laws prevent some British laws being passed that would benefit the UK as a whole.

Others felt strongly that they did not want to be part of the Euro, and wanted to keep the British pound. That as long as we maintain a free trading partnership with the EU there was no other reason to stay.