What Really Grinds Your Gears? This Week’s Top 10.

We gave our panel of UK consumers the opportunity to get off their chest what really grinds their gears. This can and has included everything, from z-list celebrities to bad parking; it seems we have a diverse range of enraged vox poppers.



See our top 10 from this week:


10. Supermarket Queues.                     9. Clocks set to the wrong time!               8. Noisy Neighbours.

7. School Runs.                                      6.Toilet Seats.                                         5. Very long orchestral pieces.

4. ID Checks.                                          3. Cyclists.                                               2. Street Fundraisers.

In top position this week is this great response from Gem,  who gives a big list of all the things that grind her gears. Our favourite has to be fat little pooches!