Santander – Simple, Personal, Fair.

Santander has launched their largest advertising campaign to date, ‘simple, personal, fair’. This seemed to be quite a hit with our panel, with just over 63% commenting that they enjoyed the advert. Gerard, from Belfast, said “I have to admit that it would be quite rare that I would say something like this regarding banks, but I actually really enjoyed the advert”.



In particular, the majority of the panel liked that the advert was simple, showing a personal and fair side to their banking – there was no second guessing what Santander were trying to achieve with the advert. A number commented on the diverse range of people shown in the advert, that Santander is an inclusive brand for everyone. Others favoured the use of family, that everyone can relate to, making Santander appeal as an everyday bank.

Just under 47% of the panel commented on the use of Jessica Ennis as an athlete in this particular advert, that it is more effective than just having her acting. Many agreed that the use of sport stars, like Jessica Ennis and Jenson Button, was good but they felt they weren’t the best actors for the advert.

The other 37% felt the advert was quite average, commenting that this advert does not stand out among other banking adverts. Some felt it could be improved by having real customer testimonials, others felt that the advert needed to go into more details on Santander’s differentiation. A small proportion of the panel still found the banking sector on the whole still hard to trust.