eBay – The One Stop Shop

We asked our panel of UK consumers their opinion of the eBay brand, 49.35% of the panel were considered promoters to the brand, scoring eBay a 9 or 10 out of 10. eBay was described as a very useful, trusted website by a large proportion of the panel, with a number commenting that they would always check eBay for products and prices before buying anything online. It seemed eBay are doing a lot right, as they were one of the highest scoring brands, with almost all of the panel scoring the brand 7 out of 10 or above. The overall net promoter score of the eBay brand was 8.06.

The ease of use of the website was one of the main great features our panel mentioned; with some commenting on the limitless mobile app having very little capability restrictions, that it was just as easy to buy and sell from your phone as it is online. Many commented on the considerable progress the site has been through over the past few years, and that the offering of the service has vastly improved. The wide variety of the products available on eBay was a huge selling point for a number of the panel, as you can almost buy absolutely anything there.

[easychart type=”pie” title=”Have you bought anything from eBay in the last 3 months?” groupnames=”Yes,No” group1values=”83.12″ group2values=”16.88″ chartfadecolor=”FFFFFF”]

Competitors to the eBay brand named by our panel included Gumtree, Music Magpie and Amazon. Although a small proportion preferred the service of Gumtree because they found there was a considerably lower amount of added extra fees; commenting that the added PayPal fees, on top of the lisiting and closing fees from eBay, just made the overall process too expensive and not worthwhile for smaller items.

[easychart type=”pie” title=”Have you sold anything from eBay in the last 3 months?” groupnames=”Yes,No” group1values=”49.35″ group2values=”50.65″ chartfadecolor=”FFFFFF”]

When it came to selling with eBay, a smaller amount had sold items via eBay than purchased in the past 3 months, as you can see in the above graph. Where 83.12% had purchased something from eBay in the past 3 months, only 49.35% had sold with eBay in the past 3 months. Linda, from Ellesmere Port, said “as a seller, you don’t get much backing off them (eBay). I think as a buyer you get more help if anything goes wrong”. Others found themselves struggling to sell their products via eBay, as their items can easily get lost amongst all the other product offerings.

Only 18.19% of the panel were considered detractors to the eBay brand, this was due to previous bad experiences. On the whole this was down to the purchase of fake or nonexistent products from bad sellers. Although a number of the 18.19% agreed that it was not eBay’s fault, it had put them off using the service in the future in case a similar situation was to happen.

“I absolutely love eBay, gives me a chance to sell things and also buy things really cheap. I can buy things brand new. I can buy things second hand. And it’s so much more convenient rather than actually going into town.  It costs me more to go into town than order it online.” – Jessica, 19, Hillingdon

“I think the thing with eBay is that they’re pretty unique, they’ve established themselves as pretty much the only online eBay channel.” – Simon, 35, Lewisham

“The good thing that I really like about eBay is that it’s so much cheaper than Amazon, and I really recommend eBay to all of my friends if they want to sell off their stuff I’m always like ‘go on eBay and do it’ because I think eBay to me is more legit.” – Apple, 19, Aylesbury

“I’ve used eBay since the year 2000, so I’ve bought and sold items on it on and off over the years. However, lately I haven’t used it quite as much for selling because the prices have gradually crept up… by the time eBay and paypal have taken their fees out, it’s not always that cost effective.” – Christine, 49, Crewe