#BeMoreTea with Lipton and The Muppets!

Lipton tea has teamed up with The Muppets to create their latest advert, portraying the story of a busy New York City day, with 76% of our panel enjoying the advert it seems to be quite a successful partnership! The majority of our panel enjoyed the use of The Muppets, commenting on the mass appeal of The Muppets for all ages. The advert was described by one of our panel members as “the best advert Lipton have ever made”.



The advert was described as light-hearted, funny, memorable, and more like a story than an advert. What a number of our panel enjoyed was that the advert was not obviously advertising either Lipton or The Muppets, pushing the product in your face – it was more of a story that contained product placement. Many made the connection of tea being relaxing, taking a minute out on a busy day, that everything seems better after a sit down and a cup of tea. Although 23% commented that they did not realise Lipton produced brewing tea, and just associated Lipton tea with their ice tea.

When it came to The Muppets, the panel were glad to see their favourites being using. A number commented on how much they enjoyed the comical comparison that every angry commuter was like the Muppet Animal, and Kermit the Frog represents peace – similar to The Muppets films. However 64% disliked the tagline of #BeMoreTea, commenting that it wasn’t that relevant to tea or Lipton, that Lipton just wanted to add something that would trend on Twitter. Others compared the tagline to #BeMoreDog from O2, but felt #BeMoreTea meant less in terms of the advert content.

Of the 24% that did not like the advert, this was mainly down to the fact they did not like or enjoy The Muppets, commenting on the advert as ‘annoying’ and ‘noisy’. It seemed a number of the panel found the advert unnecessarily long, and that it focussed too much on the story of The Muppets than actually advertising Lipton tea.