LoveFilm Vs Amazon Prime Instant Video

This brand war is a little different to normal, as both brand names fall under the same roof that is Amazon – we asked our panel what they thought of the rebrand from LoveFilm to Amazon Prime Instant Video. The massive online community, Amazon, appears to be combining a few of their products into a ‘not to be missed’ package. Although, not all of our panel agreed – with a number feeling slightly underwhelmed by Amazon’s offer, that really both services weren’t as high an offering as the price attached.


It’s that one-off payment of £79.

A number of us like the freedom of not being tied to a long term video on-demand contract, as Netflix offer month by month payment terms – similarly to the LoveFilm brand. However it seems Amazon Prime Instant Video will be a one-off payment of £79 for the year – not really giving users the opportunity to opt in and out if they find either service is not for them. £79 seems sort of expensive, however the service only works out 59p more expensive than Netflix – not forgetting the Amazon Instant Video service offers a year of Amazon Prime.

Take Amazon Prime alone. 

It seems a number of our panel did not see Amazon Prime as much of a benefit to them, as they do not regularly find themselves needing next day delivery on Amazon – therefore they are able to get super saver delivery which is normally free, and arrives in a reasonable time. Although, of those that are current Amazon Prime users, the majority thought it was a great incentive that they only had to pay an extra £30 a year for the LoveFilm service.

Now take LoveFilm alone.

Just over 52% of the panel commented that they saw LoveFilm as second to Netflix. 39% said they had previously had a LoveFilm account, but had cancelled it – although this is a huge volume of films available on LoveFilm, the panel felt they lose out to Netflix because Netflix has a higher quality of films and TV shows.

The  ‘Amazon Prime Instant Video’ brand.

When it came to the brand ‘Amazon Prime Instant Video’ the panel were torn. Some of the panel felt that LoveFilm was a much better name, it’s a service that was perceived to be for film fanatics that love films – Amazon Instant Video is more just an explanation of what the service does. A small proportion of the panel commented that LoveFilm seemed like more of a British brand, in comparison to their competitor Netflix. Others felt the brand of ‘Amazon Prime Instant Video’ was stronger, placing emphasis on the video being availability instantly on demand – moving away from the concept of LoveFilm mailing DVDs to you.

Although overall ‘Amazon Prime Instant Video’ was seen as quite a good deal by a number of the panel, with a number commenting that rebranding of LoveFilm and the attachment to the Amazon brand with emphasise the good service a user will receive. Although whether the price attached will equate to the service received is still yet to be decided.